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Ai legend

(2006, for the record, do not do spread use) Reference, June 15, 2001, Shaanxi style 33 selected 7 47 lottery, Xi'an Lottery Arena teaser high school awards a total prize money of 155 million yuan. <Br Arena July 20, Shaanxi style 58 lottery, Ai held 170,000 funding to the third recapture the size of the prize of 5.02 million, three times winning
before and after 40 days, the total investment of more than 160 million, a total bonus of 11.32 million yuan. born after the two winning Shaanxi major news media has made the relevant reports. (as of June 17 the stories) third winning Shaanxi Province FuCai center quickly the incident commenced an assessment of deduction on the society may be a hot issue, and made corresponding arrangements.
on the morning of July 25, Shaanxi Province Welfare notice of the media to interview the center of the leadership of Mr. Xiang Yi issued a special silk paper gift subsequent, the Shaanxi largest circulation metropolitan newspapers three times in the award great risk, ; large Big affirms the view that the development of vision and sense of balance should be used to treat the problem, recognizing that this is a reflection of the color city of progress, social progress, economic development, and perhaps fancier things , gaming capabilities, and keep you involved in normal state of mind (Zhu Lizhong language). July 27, China Daily, continue to follow up, modify the rules of the game, the voice response to the market contradiction further intensification; coordinated by the provincial center, July 28, the newspaper log out huge sums of money betting behavior for Ai, Shaanxi color came another voice mm color City should be applauded for his transition. Provincial Welfare Lottery Center and co-organized by the China Daily, Zuo Ren Head of Department, National Chiao Tung University, a finance professor Gong truth, a prominent lawyer Wang Xiaogang and other celebrities, experts, and the Lottery on behalf of, the representative of the betting centers, media reporters and representatives to expand the interactive discussion when he was deputy director of the Provincial Welfare Lottery Center, Feng Guoxian represent the Centre has expressed a clear view: We advocate community are concerned about the welfare, but in principle, does not advocate huge amounts of money to buy welfare lottery from the three aspects of understanding, First, if the purchaser voluntarily use the money to buy beyond reproach, any person the right to interfere; Second, large money to buy in no way affect the opportunities for other lottery winning chances of winning are equal for each purchase; hope the Lottery to maintain a sense of balance involved in Shaanxi style welfare lottery activities, attention to social welfare. buy welfare lottery to keep within our capabilities (China Daily) August 2, according to their own economic situation.
the association, the final consensus point of view: such as Arena, wonders treatment of this phenomenon. August 2, 2009,Jeremy Scott Adidas, China Daily, Arena three other media published the article of the same tone. At this point, a cause Shaanxi a strong social repercussions Award controversial declaration to a successful conclusion, the Lottery transferred to the Arena winning methods and recommended number of chase, the market tends usual.
to the third prize, the Arena already has donated 105 million in prize money. Among them, two were donated 450,Adidas Porsche Design,000 yuan, commissioned by the Provincial Welfare Lottery Center to rescue the poor people of the community; third donation 60 million, and paid the Beijing Olympic Committee to support the bid to host the 2008 Olympic Games (Olympic Committee does not accept community donations on their own and walk away). right in front of 45 million donation,www.adidasjeremyscottfr.com, the Provincial Welfare Lottery Center Arena wishes of the individual, has payment of 0.8 months, major media and key reports on Arena to help deeds, following the writing of the winning legend, set the image of the Zhangyishucai to weeks, Xi'an and other vulnerable individuals.
September 21, the Qilu style 30 select 7 84 lottery, fought in Shandong 17 days of the Arena to win the top prize in the current 100,000 invested 55 million yuan and 200 million Qilu Fu Star Special Award since a 10 days time from September 24 to October 3, Ai Cai City in Shandong reached over 270 million, of which a maximum of one invested 59 million yuan, creating a Lotto lottery personal of a single input record high.
270 million in 10 days time vanished, Ai single bet amount is once again back to 10 million from early October to early November, he re-engage in Shandong color 1.1 million yuan on the 5th .11, News, message returned to Shaanxi, the media quickly dispatched by the Provincial Welfare Lottery Center Contact back to Shaanxi's Arena and reporters to meet again in mid-November, followed by old Shaanxi Arena, achievements of five-time winner Albert made public, following the pre-speculation in Shaanxi color is a hot topic. Since then,Nonsense !, in addition to several times the removal of the Lottery 30 selected 7 third prize, the winning pace of Ai came to an end, he started off to meet with media reporters try to recommend the 33 seven-election prediction number, in order to maintain the visibility of the color king.
to May 2002, because the end of 2001 the failure of investment business in Shandong, the Arena will start their own professional Lottery newspaper that back to Shaanxi Province, to prepare to flex its muscles, but for whatever reason, ceased publishing and finally to a few of the meantime, he frequently fixed in the media recommended number, almost aroused the market is another speculation boom, but over-confidence leading to the eventual failure, the number repeatedly recommended to keep on Arena experience from to buy lottery tickets contribution for social welfare and sports. However,http://adidasjeremyscottit.com, this moment was when the Arena has no previous award killer sense of pride, once full of self-confidence since almost gone.
July 26, 2002, at a small gathering in the northern suburb of Xi'an China Louvre, the Arena to the crowd once again issued Oath: He wants back in the sixth million prize. the oath final bankruptcy, according to industry analysis, the Arena is no doubt in such a way to activate once inflated self-confidence, but also to take to continue his king image in the public eye color over time, the color of the king eventually disappeared from sight. generation of color In 2003, Xi'an Sports Lottery World to the lottery site exchange and recommended March 18, after consultation, he began to assume personal command of the station recommended for the Lottery Jiang Hao fight Award is the first time since the 2001 prize to public appearance, Arena attracted a lot of Lottery go after the 78-bit hardcore Lottery began with the Arena lottery: their money, Ai recommended Arena after the award Award pre-tax 20% commission , but the expansion of the eternal self-confidence, in terms of cooperation, he wrote, million prize is still out of reach because the follow-on funding is not following the end of April, in cooperation with Arena Lottery,Shanxi Taiyuan patients with alanine aminotransferase and aspartate transaminase on the high side, the Lottery are formally proposed Arena fulfill the agreement, nearly 400,000 of the funds all be returned on the 26th .4, because both sides can not compromise, the Lottery will be, Ai siege in the Lottery World,Adidas wings, until it signed a guarantee for repayment on May 8. Reference in early June 2003, the Arena with a company of Xi'an signed an agreement to provide the body Shaanxi mobile users color, Welfare recommended number SMS. This time,Jeremy Scott Adidas To prevent doubleVoting netize, the benefits of cooperation, the Arena will be the first to pay the Lottery the nearly 400,000, declaring this sensation Shaanxi color embarrassing to the formal end of
home after the failure of the Arena disappeared. Shaanxi style awards from the first note of the Japan-China to take on 15 June 2001, to June 10, 2003, to rid itself of Lottery entangled Arena Fifth Award two years experience, the investment fails, lawsuits, discredited extreme gap between Shaanxi local media from the continuous shift of concern for the cold treatment, the Lottery also from the myth of Arena in Shandong media appearances. and he began to recommend Jiang Hao to make a living. late August,
2004, the Arena has opened a personal website, the main content is also recommended Jiang Hao, and should be charged. According to the latest trends Ai this and then did not win record.

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